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The Ultimate Guide To Relocating Your Family
To The Absolute Safest
Places In The United States

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New Relocation Manual Helps Average Americans Get Out Of Harms Way Before The Coming Crisis

Bill Heid
Thomson, Illinois

Dear Friend,

If you are at all like me, you are definitely concerned about the economic, social and geopolitical threats facing us here in America today.

Add in the very real threat of major natural disasters and you, I, and every other American should have - or be quickly creating - "just in case" contingency plans.

For example:

What Would You Do If...

A natural disaster (such as a major flood, wildfire or earthquake, all of which can happen almost anywhere in the U.S.) caused social disorder in your area for weeks (or months) at a time? Or...natural or manmade disasters may increase chances of relocating

Major social unrest erupts in your area in the wake of a crisis? Or...

Another terrorist attack with a chemical, biological or, worst case, a nuclear weapon happened in a major city near you (or even in your city)?

These are just a few of the many, many dangerous potential scenarios you can face.

And most people don't consider these possibilities, let alone prepare for them.

Maybe They're Just Hoping That If
They "Stick Their Head In The Sand"
Long Enough, Nothing Will Happen!

And while some of these things are much more likely to affect your life in a negative way than others... they are all very real possibilities and should be taken seriously.

Hi, as it says above, my name is Bill Heid and I'm the president of Powerful Living. I founded this company to provide people with unique products and information created specifically for living and surviving in hard times.

One of the very best things you can do to live and survive in hard times (besides having contingency plans in place) is move to where the likelihood of major events affecting you is minimized as much as possible.

So recently, because of my growing alarm for the safety of the good people of our country - and my own family, friends and customers - I commissioned a book that will show you exactly how to prepare for and do just that. It is titled...

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
for Relocating Your Family to the
Safest Places In America

This book is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about strategic relocation. It's full of checklists, questions, resources and strategies that will help you determine not only the safest areas for you and your family... but also... the most livable, considering your unique circumstances.

Each chapter of the book is designed in a logical, step-by-step, easy-to-understand fashion. It'll take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do to make your relocation as easy, painless... and... maybe most important, as satisfying as possible.

Here is a breakdown of what you'll discover in each section...

SECTION 1: How To Prepare Yourself And Your Family For Relocation

prepare yourself and family for relocation
  • 10 questions that will uncover your true motivation for moving. (This is important because, sometimes, relocation is not the answer to all (or even most) of your problems.)... Pages 6-8
  • 2 of the most important things you can do to make your relocation as quick and painless as possible! (Doing these things in advance will definitely save you some major headaches and hassles during your move and for quite some time after.)... Page 9
  • A 314 question checklist that will "ferret out" your perfect place (or choice of places) to relocate to! (Taking the time to fill out this questionnaire is probably the most important thing you can do to make your relocation as quick and painless as possible. Plus, it will help you ultimately end up the happiest, healthiest and most satisfied over the long-term.)... Pages 9-17
  • Why you want to plan for the minutia... the obvious, small things that most people overlook... Page 18
  • 2 tasks that can cause a major amount of stress and concern... and... how "best" to deal with them... Pages 18-19

SECTION 2: How To Relocate Away From Areas In The United States That Are Prone To Natural Disasters

  • 2 of the most imminent threats you face in the vast majority of the U.S. (Although most people think of things such as terrorism or crime - violent or otherwise - the reality is they are not what you should be most concerned about.)... Page 19
  • The most important thing to take into account when deciding on a place to live... Page 19
  • The top 10 most likely states to be hit by tornadoes... and... the least likely states to be hit... including a few areas that are virtually free of them. (Like it or not, the vast majority of tornadoes occur in North America... but... there are several states - and areas in certain states - that provide a safe-haven from their deadly, destructive nature. Further, even if you decide to live in a tornado-prone area, there are precautionary steps you can take to limit your risk.)... Pages 20-21
  • How to avoid the threat of earthquakes when relocating. (Although earthquakes can theoretically occur nearly anywhere, armed with this knowledge, you can pretty much ensure you'll never have a problem.)... Pages 21-23avoid areas notorious for natural disasters
  • How to avoid the threat of tsunamis... even if... you relocate to a coastal region... Pages 23-25
  • 13 states that are safe from major flooding according to the historical data over the last 100 years. (Also, you get some special precautions you can take to increase your safety in flood-prone areas.)... Pages 27-28
  • The most dangerous volcanic areas in the U.S. that you may want to avoid. (You might be surprised to know there are almost 170 volcanoes in the United States... and... of these, 20 are considered imminent threats to public safety.)... Pages 28-30
  • Why wildfires are the most common and devastating natural events most of us will encounter in our lifetimes. (Ironically, the best way to avoid this major hazard runs in direct opposition of what you should do to avoid most other natural hazards.)... Pages 30-32

SECTION 3: How To Relocate Away From Other Dangerous Areas And Dangerous People

when safely relocating be wary of nuclear plant locations
  • The state-by-state location of all 104 nuclear plants licensed to operate in the United States. (Staying 100-250 miles away from any nuclear reactor will ensure you are relatively safe from a gas release, terrorism attack on a reactor core... or... a meltdown... at least in the short-term.)... Pages 32-36
  • 17 states which do not have an active nuclear plant within their borders... Page 36
  • 11 U.S. nuclear sites that have had a major nuclear accident. (A major nuclear accident is defined as causing fatalities or economic damage in excess of 100 million dollars. One nuclear site in the Deep South has even had two major accidents!)... Pages 36-37
  • The shocking after effects on the entire world population of both the Chernobyl accident (Russia in 1986)... and... the Fukushima accident (Japan in 2011)! (These Stage 7 Major Accidents - the highest level on the rating scale - are definitely cause for alarm.)... Pages 37-38
  • 11 major threats to your life and liberty you can avoid by simply relocating away from urban centers... Page 40
  • Rural living in Urban areas8 questions that will help you determine if moving away from the "creature comforts" of the big city is a viable option for you... Page 41
  • Proof that the government is quite aware of its inadequacy to handle major disasters and large-scale civil unrest. (If you're not alarmed now, you will be after you read this!)... Page 42
  • How to avoid the majority of dangers of large urban areas while still enjoying most of their big city benefits... Pages 42-43
  • 8 of the most at-risk or important nuclear strike targets within the United States. (While a nuclear strike on these targets is extremely unlikely, avoiding these areas entirely still might not be a bad idea!)... Page 44
  • A state-by-state list of 99 military-specific targets you should probably avoid... as there are essentially no "safe zones" within a 25-mile radius of any military installation... Pages 44-53
  • Why another 9/11 type of attack is highly unlikely, but certainly not impossible. (Even the government is warning us to "be ready" with their web site and their current "Today Is The Day Before" Public Service Announcement. I don't know about you, but that certainly sets off some "warning bells" in my mind!)... Page 54
  • The 3 countries that pose the biggest current risk to us from a nuclear strike perspective. (This is especially alarming should one or more of these countries unite and join forces against us!)... Page 54
  • How to relocate away from threats of invasion by a foreign power. (Again, for a number of reasons, this is a highly unlikely scenario... but... not totally impossible.)... Pages 54-55
  • How to avoid contact (the best tactic) with domestic-based terror groups. (Believe it or not, there at least 41 different groups right here in the U.S. that you should be aware of... and... stay away from!)... Pages 55-58
  • The terrorism group that the FBI considers the most capable and effective organization in the world. (It is not Al-Qaeda!)... Page 58
  • The top 5 most notable and most capable terror organizations that have an eye on us! (Some of these have cells operating in the U.S. right now. And they are gathering information and planning attacks with full intentions of carrying them out as soon as they possibly can!)... Pages 58-59
  • Why Al-Qaeda is even more dangerous without Osama bin Laden... Page 59
  • The top 6 areas you should stay away from to avoid the dangers of a domestic terror act by a foreign-based group... Page 60
  • relocating because of different taxes7 states with no state income tax. (Want an instant pay raise? No problem. Move to one of these states. What's great is, they're all wonderful states. Plus, 1 of these states does not share information with the IRS at all!)... Page 61
  • 5 states with no sales tax whatsoever! (1 one of these states crosses over with the no state income tax list. So, not only will you get an instant pay raise, the purchasing power of your dollar will increase as well!)... Page 61
  • 11 states that have the least tax as a percentage of income... Pages 61-62
  • The top 11 states with the largest per capita incomes... Page 62
  • The states (in order) with the highest job growth rates... Pages 62-63
  • The top 11 least densely populated states... Page 63
  • The top 11 large cities with the least population density. (3 of these are really surprising!)... Pages 63-64
  • The top 5 states for education rankings... Page 64
  • The 9 states with the lowest education rankings. (There are a couple of surprises here, too!)... Page 64
  • Which states are conservative-friendly and which ones are not... Page 64-65
  • 8 states with the most lenient gun laws in the U.S. (After we went to print with this edition of the book, Oklahoma passed an open-carry law and should be included on this list.)... Page 65
  • 7 states with the least lenient gun laws in the U.S. (Avoid these states if you care at all about your Constitutional Rights - namely the Second Amendment!)... Pages 65-66
  • The top 9 (all things considered) larger, more well-known cities you may want to relocate to. (I have friends who've either lived in or spent extended periods of time in some of these cities and they say they are great!)... Page 66

relocating to become a self-sufficient family

Relocating For Self-Sufficiency Should Always Be A Part Of Your Plan

SECTION 4: How To Be Self-Sufficient And Safe No Matter Where You Relocate To

  • What "situational awareness" means and how it can increase your odds of surviving (maybe even thriving) in any location... Page 67
  • 14 questions you should ask yourself to increase your situational awareness... Pages 67-68
  • How to build a home (or retrofit/remodel one) to help you survive Mother Nature's worst, including: tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, flooding, fires, volcanoes and more. (Nothing is entirely failsafe, but you can definitely do quite a lot - from a building perspective - to increase yours and your family's safety.)... Pages 68-71
  • How to fortify your home against physical assaults by one or more people... Page 72
  • 18 questions you should ask yourself to determine whether you have or can get enough infrastructure - water, food, shelter and protection - to sustain your current lifestyle after a major event... natural or otherwise... Pages 73-74
  • 15 potential solutions to solve any infrastructure shortages you may face in a crisis situation... Pages 73-74
  • 3 items you should have on hand now to dramatically increase your self-reliance. (These really are "first things first" items you can't do without!)... Page 74
  • 12 survival strategies for reacting to a major event near your location... Page 75
  • 5 survival strategies for reacting to a major event far away from your location... Page 76
  • 3 additional strategies for effectively handling forced interaction with others during a major event... Page 76
Preparing For Unexpected Sources

SECTION FIVE: Checklists And Preparation Sources To Help You Prepare For The Unexpected

  • What you need for a 72-hour Basic Survival Kit... Page 77
  • What you need for a 72-hour Master Survival Kit... Pages 77-78
  • 84 essential food items you'll need both over the short and long-term... Pages 78-80
  • 4 types of possible shelter... Page 80
  • The bare minimum tools you will need to survive... Page 80
  • 2 items you must get to have a plentiful, fresh and safe water supply... Page 80

You'll get all this information and much, much more.

This book has absolutely no fluff or filler. Just 140 concise pages that can take you from your current location to where you want and need to be... if... you want to make your life and your family's lives infinitely safer.

The practical relocation strategies in this book are not a luxury, but a necessity for anyone considering a move.

But rather than go on and on about all the amazing benefits the book contains, I'll let you see for yourself at no risk whatsoever with my simple...

90-Day Risk-Free
100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here's the deal: The price of the book is...

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The Ultimate Relocation Manual

Order a copy 100% at my risk. Read it and see for yourself if it's not everything I've said here and more. Then, if you are not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, send it back - in any condition - within 90 days and every penny you paid (less shipping and handling, of course) will be returned to you. No hassles. No questions asked, guaranteed!

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